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Here is, and will be, an assortment of things completely unrelated to anything, but kind of cool!
If you would like to share something here, email me and if it's irrelevant enough, I'll put it up!

I have these maps in 5X the resolution shown here. Let me know if you would like to download the
original size and I will put up a link.

World Map - Western Hemisphere 1874
(2.5 Meg)

World Map - Eastern  Hemisphere 1874
(3 Meg)

Map of United States - 1874 (2.1 Meg)

Map of Stillwater, MN 1874 (3.6 Meg)

Map of St. Paul, MN 1874
(3 Meg)

Map of Minnesota 1874
(4.8 Meg)

Map of Minneapolis, MN 1874
(4.3 Meg)

Birds Eye of Minneapolis, MN 1885
(2.4 Meg)

The Declaration
of Independence

Bits and pieces

"What is the Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow?" Find out here!

Wikipedia - If you want to know anything about anything, Here's your source!

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