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Pro/ENGINEER File Downloads

Click on the to download the described files. Unless noted, these files were created in rev 18-20.
They will need to be regenerated and saved to achieve Wildfire functionality. Click on the thumbnail to view larger image.
1012d & 1215d Die cast unit dies
- Ver 2001
(1 Meg file)
E-rings (e-clip) with family tabled sizes and part numbers  EVERYTHING in one folder - Ver 2001
(2.3 Meg file)  Toggle locks, Ej. pins, Ej. sleeves, Ej. blades, Friction puller, Gate mate, Locating rings, Extended sprue, Side & top locks, Air poppet, More  - Ver 2001
3.3 Meg file)
Amazing family tabled part. cap, flat, button, set, pan, slot, hex, socket - everything!! (creator unknown)
Ver 2001
Parameter driven involute gear. Regen & set: Diametral pitch, Number of teeth,  Pressure angle & Thickness
(creator unknown) Ver 2001
#5-40 through 1/2-13 with family tables for length
- Ver 2001
More Files coming soon!
Linear & radial seal o-rings with family tabled sizes and part numbers -
Ver 2001
120mm Fan x 38mm thick, with connector for cordset below - Wildfire 3 File
(1.1 Megs)
2003 scaled Nascar body used in sprinkler assembly. Original file was too large, This is a 1 feature import - Wildfire 3 File (6 Megs)
Round wire and square wire compression springs with family table and modifiable length
AC Plug with cord, and connector. Modify 2 projection curve. Drag points in sections - Wildfire 3 File (2.5 Megs)
Vise assembly file -Wildfire 3 File (2.8 Megs)
Inline On/Off swith - Wildfire 3 File (.5 Meg)
4 Files: AA, 9 Volt, Photocell & LED push/pull Stick Battery - Wildfire 3 File (2.8 Megs)
Treble hook - Wildfire 3 File
(1 Meg)
Full Pro-E file of "Clackin' Craw" Soft Body for surfacing training.
Unhide all layers and run "Tools; Model Player" to step through model. Start with feature #1 - Wildfire 3 File
(1.2 Megs)

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